Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mastery Over Life: Curing Cancer

Cancers have long been the bane of human existence.  Thousands die of various cancers in spite of modern techniques for early detection and treatment. Drugs and radiation treatments currently in use do great psychological and bodily harm without any guarantee of remission.

The good news is we are on the cusp of revolutionary new technology based treatments that may not only actually cure cancers but prevent them from ever occurring as well.   These rapidly developing technologies include molecular drug delivery at the cancer cell level, bacteria that kills only cancer cells, and nanotubes that will act as vehicles for all sorts of cancer detection and elimination technologies.

The reason for so many choices for detection, treatment, and cure is because researchers have long known that there isn't any one size fits all. In the near future all medicine, as well as cancer cures, will be tailored to the individual for maximum effect.

Some researchers believe cancers could be purged from humanity as early as 2022.

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